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Beyond the Little Blue Box

We are pleased to make the following announcement

John Draper and the Beyond the Little Blue Box team have chosen to support The Autism Society.

The charity will receive 10% of our profits for the fiscal year following the kickstarter campaign, and a $2600 cash donation in March 2018.

This charity has been chosen for their tremendous work in the area of Asperger's syndrome and in their work toward ensuring that those with Asperger's "are treated with the highest level of dignity, and live in a society in which their talents and skills are appreciated and valued." (

Mr. Draper is on the autism spectrum. Diagnosed late in life (ca 2008) with Asperger's syndrome, he suffered silently, with very little support and community around his diagnosis. We believe that this may not be a surprise to many that have known Mr. Draper.

Asperger's syndrome is different for every person on the spectrum. Mr. Draper is "high functioning", which means that he can give the appearance of being a "typical" person - but really, his brain does not work quite like an average person's...or what we call "neuro-typical".

In his case, this means that his verbal communications are straight forward and literal - lacking subtext often utilized or understood by neurotypical (non-autistic) people. He has a difficult time understanding jokes, misses subtext entirely and does not pick up on subtle social cues in casual situation in terms of appropriate conversation etiquette - to point out some examples.

As some would say is "typical" of Asperger's syndrome, he is highly focused - in fact, obsessive to the point of fixation about one or two specific subject areas, but lacks balance in other areas of life. This can manifest itself in poor hygiene, child-like enthusiasm, impatience, financial issues, and some immature behaviors.

We hope that Mr. Draper's place in the Tech community and the wonderful success experienced via the book campaign thus far will improve awareness about Asperger's syndrome and give the worthy charities we've chosen in both the USA and the UK a bit of a financial boost to continue their good work.