The book

Welcome to the world of John T. Draper, better known as Captain Crunch, the original "Phone Phreak". From his early days of facing off against Ma Bell to his current role in public speaking and privacy advocacy, it’s hard to overstate his impact on the world of technology. Along the way, he developed some of the most influential tools of the computer revolution, from the first working word processor in the seventies to the first effective firewall in the nineties. The road hasn’t always been smooth, however, and for every success there have been setbacks and hurdles of literary proportion. Let’s just call it Draperism.

This "warts and all" biography features Draper's own telling of stories from the past fifty years, as well as commentary and other memories from his long-time friend and collaborator. It is the story of an eccentric genius who went from being a penniless hacker to a millionaire and back again, a man so consumed by his vision that the real world around him has always played second fiddle. Featuring a foreword by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and cameos by the who’s who of early computing, this Kerouacian journey gives us an inside look at the birth of modern computing through the eyes of one of its most influential pioneers.

The narrative

This book recounts stories from my years of knowing John T. Draper personally, interspersed with collected memories from his friends and relatives, and John’s personal history in his own words. It spans his 74 years on the planet, and my 22 years of knowing him.

I have been John's roommate several times, business partner, and close friend over the years. I have always considered him a very interesting case for character study, and an unfathomable wealth of complexities and paradoxes.

I hope to have portrayed him in an honest but affectionate light. A balanced portrait of the incredible story that is his life.

- Craig Wilson Fraser

Working on the book in Spain, June 2015

The Foreword

The foreword to the biography was written by renowned inventor, electronics engineer and programmer Steve Wozniak. Mr Wozniak, along with Steve Jobs, co-founded Apple Computer. Mr Wozniak has worked with Mr Draper a few times over the years, and has remained a long standing friend and ally.

John T. Draper and Steve Wozniak, 2004


John (Middle) and brother Ron (bottom), 1956
The first bust, 1971
Circa 1974
Circa 1982
Us festival, circa 1985
Australia 1995
California 1996
India 1998
Riding an elephant, India 1998
Riding a camel, Egypt 1999
Homebrew Computer Club reunion, 2000
Documentary with Woz, 2001
Documentary with Woz and Mitnick, 2001
With Woz, 2004
Digibarn, 2005
Defcon 13, 2005


Nov 18th 2017: In light of recent allegations concerning the nature of John's applied kinesiology workout program, we are compelled to make the following statement:

We are aware of John's exercise program, which has been shared with and experienced by dozens of people, male and female, and through all walks of life - not limited to hacker conferences as recent allegations have suggested. The book covers these issues and goes into far more detail about the exercise program, therefore - we will not.

We have only sympathy and compassion for those who have experienced John in a negative way and feel victimised by this program in any way.

We sincerely hope that they find the necessary or required comfort, solace and support during these clearly difficult times.

As you might imagine, these allegations are taking their toll - both on our team and particularly with John. Our primary concern now is to be certain that as a both elderly man and individual on the autism spectrum that he has the necessary support and care in place to address what will most certainly be a devastating time for both his physical and mental health.

Also, as we observe this spinning out of control and allegations growing into epic proportions and being turned into statements of fact, we urge you all to please take a breath and take any sensationalist reporting that falls short of credible journalism with a grain of salt.

We will not be responding to individual press inquiries as a result, and appreciate your understanding during this time.

The Beyond The Little Blue Box Team

Nov 18th 2017: Statement by Redwire INC

In light of ongoing negative press and circumstances, we have elected to part ways with our PR Consultant, Raymond Johansen. Ray has been tremendous in consulting on social media matters relating to the Kickstarter campaign for the book project, BEYOND THE LITTLE BLUE BOX.

We understand that Ray has a good deal of important work to do and has positive contributions to make to a number of worthy and imperative causes. We do not wish to detract from their purpose, and wish Ray and all of the worthy causes he is integral to the best in their endeavors now and always.

Any PR, Social Media, Media or Corporate inquiries should be directed to our project manager, Allie McKay at

Nov 14th 2017: We are pleased to make the following announcement:

John Draper and the Beyond the Little Blue Box team have chosen to support The Autism Society
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John T Draper: Co-Author
Craig Wilson Fraser: Co-Author / Editor
Steve Wozniak: Author (Foreword)
Allie McKay: Project Manager
Tom Barbalet: Contributor and Tech Editor


Dennis Teresi, Joe Engressia, Ron Rosenbaum, Lee Felsenstein, Steve Jobs, Bob Albrect, George Firedrake, Roy Kaylor, Gordon French, Fred Moore, Marty Spergel, Mike Markula, Mike Scott, Randy Wigginton, Dan Kottke, Rod Holt, Alan Lundell, Andy Wright, John Walker, Arkady Volozh, John Gilmore, Brian Behlendorf, Phil Zimmerman, Kevin Mitnick, Steven Inness, Oliver Soehlke


Barbara Spooner, Mike Davido, John T Arthur, Nestor Figueroa, Murshid Van Merlin, Bob Munden, Joe Parvey, Samvit Tara, Jeh Wadia, John James, Doug Goodall, Alex Kamradt, Bill Ragsdale, Ron Barkin, Michael Shrayer, Dave Gordon, Andy Herzfeld, EagleBeek, Rains Cohen, Reese Jones, Bill Atkinson, Don Colburn, Dan Sabsay, Bill Squire, Joel Schatz, Rop Gonggrijp, Caroline Nevejan, Wau Holland, Esther Dyson, Glenn Tenney, Cheshire Catalyst, Guido Korber, Andreas Kallweit, September Films, Sylvia Falzone, Craig Larson, Mike Shinkle, Evrim Sen, Denis Moschitto


Ron Draper, Steve Sawyer, Aaron Getting, Matthew McIntosh, Alan Burwell and the Anonabox team, Bailey Lamon


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